In order to succeed we focus our efforts on three critical areas:



Dear Customer,


Our system is designed to make your payroll as easy as possible and with minimum amount of effort on your part. Unlike most payroll bureaus, there are no special forms to complete and no computer codes to learn or remember. Once your data has been set up with all current employees, it is simple to maintain.

We look forward to working with you to make life on pay days easier.




Minimum charge (includes GST) $53.85 per pay run (up to 10 employees) calculated on pay advice slip price will be slightly dearer with other security pay slips.


Normal Charge:


  • Ordinary Pay slip from (includes GST) $3.01 per slip per pay run
  • Security pay slip from (includes GST) $3.16 per slip per pay run
    • (This price includes all relevant pay information, annual leave, personal carers leave, LSL, occupational superannuation and all weekly and monthly report, ie. tax, super, monthly figures as organized when client comes on line with Amba Pay)
    • Payslips emailed to your premises
    • (Basic payroll service only - does not include special services to ATO/superannuation funds or Centrelink by email or bank transfers.)
    • This amount also includes three faxes per week or emails.   If more are required they are an additional charge of $1-00 per page (includes GST).



Other reporting additional to original start-up reporting will be at a running time charge at Amba Pay's hourly rate.

Email or direct modum run to bank is at client's cost + GST as some accounts require special set-up and the banks on-cost the charges to Amba Pay.

Set-up fee from $65.00 (including GST).  Amba Pay also needs two/three complete working days to set up a data base as we have to procure a registration number from a software provider and can take extra time.


additionalserviceADDITIONAL SERVICE:

Extending time sheets which includes interpreting the award etc.

Sending direct entry for ATO/superannuation/Centrelink is at the clients cost and is charged at an hourly running cost + any charges attached by the client's banking establishment.